About Us

We believe in a cohesive process to home renovations.

Plumeria believe that anyone should be able to achieve a thoughtfully designed, high-end innovation with an authentic sense of identity and a completely bespoke feel. Our comprehensive process achieves that with expert guidance that doesn't break the bank or sacrifice quality. HomesByPlumeria facilitates your home furniture or renovation through the synergies of bespoke design & expert guidance.
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Plumeria is a second generation business, where as parent company we come with over 20+ years, helping homeowners design their choice of furniture as a Design Build Specialist. HomesByPlumeria is the brand for home furniture where we analyze every challenge with a complete understanding of every aspect of the home owners. With our experience in fabrication and metal furniture, we create an innovative design-build process that is the foundation of HomesByPlumeria. Our aim is to create attainable, high-end creativity through intentional design and expert guidance from start-to-finish.
HomesByPlumeria understands that every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. With our experience and passion for the process, we take every challenge with a complete understanding of every aspect of the project. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to live happily in their dream homes after an enjoyable piece of art built together.
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