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The eternity of Metal,
the uniqueness of each work

Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, Plumeria infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results. The encounter with design inspires an approach to materials founded upon respect for their potential, be it hidden or obvious, which emerges slowly in a collection of pieces that, despite being part of a series, remain unique.
Our Mission : Plumeria
We at Plumeria aim to create furnitures for homes, offices or hospitality industry that are innovative, yet practical, distinctive, yet affordable within a working environment of interpersonal client relationships. With an objective to make this world a better living place we provide an ecofriendly furniture made of steel and wrought iron.
We are Committed to:
  • Creation of unique and innovative design products that are responsive to each client's vision and budgetary needs.
  • Prompt and timely delivery of consistently high quality products and services.
  • Work within an environment based on interpersonal relationships between clients, our professionals, colleagues, community, and environment
  • Work with honesty, integrity and accountability.

Why Choose Us?

Rich Experience
20+Years Metal Fabrication
100+ Metalwork Projects
Strength Factory
Full set of advanced metal fabrication machine
30 + experienced worker
Leading Service
One stop solution for metal work projects, From detailed design-production to installation
Outstanding Quality
Strict production and inspection processes from design and production

Design. Brand. Quality

Chair. Table. Quality

Design. Brand. Quality

Design. Brand. Quality

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